Milk, It Does a Body Wonders

by Makayla
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

The age old adage that milk does a body good, oh… how I wish I would have taken head to that message.

When I was younger, milk was a daily regiment with my meals.

If it was cereal, cookies or a hot day, I’d run home crack open the frig door and poor myself a tall glass of cold milk.

Throughout the years, I’ve never been one to take any supplements especially Vitamin D Supplements.

I’ve noticed several key health issues because of that.

On one instance, the slight lines on my fingernails are more noticeable, which indicate a lack of vitamin D.

Additionally, when I play a sport or activity and it comes time to resting, I feel a bit of fatigue within my bones.

I’m not aware of the significant setbacks of not consuming enough vitamin D but I assure you that it is important.

Most of the women in my family have issues with their bones, such as: aching or soreness because they haven’t taken any form of vitamin D following childhood.

In their tender age of 50 & 60, many of them are now supplementing their meals with vitamin D to ensure they receive a sufficient amount of vitamins.

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