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Vitamin D liquid supplements are no longer limited solely to cod liver oil, although that is still the most common incarnation of them and certainly the easiest to find. Now days, though, there are many other ways to drink your D and most of them taste a whole lot better!

You can get vitamin D supplements in all shapes and sizes, but in general, there are two ways to take them. Solid pill supplements that you swallow, and liquid supplements you drink from a spoon or small measuring cup.

Vitamin D liquid supplements are no longer as common now as they once were, but everyone’s grandparents or even parents probably have less than pleasant memories of being forced to drink cod liver oil from a tablespoon when they were young.

Modern science never stops producing miracles, but one must wonder about the childhoods of those brilliant biochemists who instead of working to cure cancer or the common cold dedicated their lives to making a palatable substitute to cod liver oil.

Fortunately, these people are also very good at what they do, and you can now walk down the vitamin supplement aisle of just about any health food store or even the occasional grocery store, and find a whole shelf devoted to liquid form vitamin D supplements.

These are especially great for children (and adults) who may have trouble swallowing pills, but who still need a little extra boost in their daily vitamin D intake.

vitamin d liquid

Most vitamin D liquid does still come from fish, but the more generic ‘fish oil’ is much lighter than the old standby cod liver oil, and it does not have that unique cloying taste.

There are also more formulated versions that may seem more like cough syrup or other liquid medicines than anything fishy or oily, and many of these are even okay for vegetarians or other people who do not eat fish.

There are also some options that fall in between the categories of liquid and pill based vitamin D supplements.

Liquid filled capsules are just what they sound like- gelatin or vegetable-based flexible capsules filled with liquid vitamin D supplements. These may contain high potency liquid that might taste bad, or simply offer the convenience of swallowing a pill while also keeping the fast absorption action of a liquid.

As for the question of which kind of supplement is more effective, there is really not much of a difference. Vitamin D liquid supplements absorb into the body a bit faster, as they do not have to dissolve like pill-based supplements, but this is not a situation where quick absorption really matters all that much.

The real question is one of personal preference. If you do not mind the taste of your liquid D supplement and have no problem with the small amount of extra time it takes to measure out a dose, swallow it, and then wash the spoon or the measuring cup, you should be fine taking liquid vitamins.

On the other hand, even with the drastic improvements in taste and texture, some people still cannot stand the taste of liquid vitamins, and if you have no problem swallowing pills, they certainly are more convenient.

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