My Dad's New Clip on Sunglasses

by Alexandra
(Madison, WI, USA)

A few years ago, my father needed to upgrade his prescription glasses. He found a new pair of glasses at the optometrist and lo and behold they came with an additional pair of Clip on Sunglasses.

Now this was at the time when clip on sunglasses were starting to pick up in popularity so my dad thought he was super trendy.

In the transition period of switching over to his new glasses, my dad would often forget that he was wearing his old pair and try attaching his new clip on sunglasses to the not-matching pair of old Sunglasses.

Of course, it took him a few minutes to figure out what he had done, and when he did he admitted his mistake and hoped that it did not ruin the sunglasses.

Eventually he realized that he did not like the clip on sunglasses. They were flimsy and thin and easy to lose.

One day a few months into his new pair of glasses, my dad misplaced his clip on sunglasses.

Unfortunately, we were going on vacation a few days thereafter, so needless to say he was freaking out about not being able to find them.

My dad endured an entire family vacation without his trendy clip on sunglasses. When we got back home, we all searched everywhere because he had spent extra money on them so obviously he wanted to get some use out of them.

It turned out he had accidentally slipped them into his old glasses case instead of leaving them with the new glasses.

Soon after my dad became sick of the clip on sunglasses and decided it wasn’t worth it to carry them around, let alone look silly while wearing them.

We all learned from this experience, not only to keep track of your belongings, but that the trendy thing to do is not what is always best for the individual.

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