My Favorite Places to Buy Girls Swimsuits

by Amanda
(Greenfield, MA, USA)

As both a parent and an aunt to several little girls, I go swimsuit shopping frequently. It can be hard to find good, cute swimming suits.

Many are too cheaply made, and there are many that aren't to my tastes at all. I want to share a few of my favorite places to buy
girls bathing suits.

The first place I like to get kids swimwear is one of my favorite places to purchase children's clothing - Hanna Anderson.

They offer great two piece swimwear options, as well as really adorable one piece swimsuits. I have never been even a little bit disappointed by their products.

The second place that I like to purchase girls swimsuits from is Land's End. While the Land's End swimwear is not as cute as what Hanna Anderson offers, it's incredibly sturdy.

It's also very easy to mix and match, which is very easy for me as a parent.

The last place that I go to for girls swimwear is Gymboree. This store is only a good option for parents with young daughters, as their sizes don't go up very high.

Their swimsuits are absolutely adorable, and my child constantly is complimented on everything that she has from there.

I hope that these suggestions can help people find the perfect girls swimsuits. As a mother, I know finding good swimwear for little girls isn't easy, but these places have never steered me wrong.

I am thrilled to be able to pass along the few good places that I've found, and I hope more people do the same.

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