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Choosing girls bathing suits can seem pretty overwhelming, with the greatly expanded variety of colors, styles, cuts and fabrics available.

No longer limited to Lycra one pieces, since girls bathing suits come in a huge variety of styles and types, made for girls of all ages.

If you're a parent looking for a suit for your girl or even for yourself, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind as you shop. Let's take a look at some of the options available and see which ones are the best for your situation.

Common Fabrics for Girls Bathing Suits:

Lycra remains possibly the most popular fabric for girls bathing suits, since its stretch properties allow it to conform to the body while in the water.

This eliminates drag and helps with swimming. Plus, this close fitting fabric doesn't get weighed down once children are out of the water, either.

However, there are some other options on the market, including fabrics that resist UV radiation, helping children avoid exposure to dangerous rays from the sun and prevent sunburn.

Almost all modern swimsuit fabrics are made from synthetic fibers. Some suits may contain latex or other substances that can contribute to allergies.

girls bathing suits

So if your girl suffers from this problem, look for suits made from materials your child isn't sensitive to.

Remember to check all areas of the garment and to ask questions.

Cheaper brands are the most likely to be a problem, but fiber sensitivity isn't a clear cut issue, and some high end suits may still cause a problem.

Remember that salt water and chlorine can be bad for many fabrics, and that they should not be allowed to dry in the suit.

Some suits come with protection from these deteriorating substances, but the vast majority, especially when the suit is inexpensive, will suffer from exposure to chlorine and salt.

Both cause a weakening of the fibers and can make the suit more prone to stretch and tear.

Sun Protection in Girls Swim Suits:

Fibers that aren't made to provide UV protection are about the same when it comes to keeping the sun off.

A less sheer fabric is generally better than one that's more see-through, however.

If you're really concerned about the dangers of sun exposure, you'll want to buy a suit made of materials that resist and repel UV rays. Of course, the suit can only protect the areas that it covers.

That means it can be wise to choose a suit that offers more coverage, such as a short wet suit style, than one that's barely there and shows a lot of skin.

This is particularly smart for small girls, who don't really care what they're wearing and are most susceptible to damage from the sun without being aware of it.

Always have sun protection in mind while shopping for girls bathing suits.

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Girls Bathing Suits

girls bathing suits

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