What Makes Offset Patio Umbrellas Different

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Offset patio umbrellas are different from a typically designed outdoor_umbrella since it does not require a specialized table for its stand.

An offset patio-umbrella is supplied with a stand that remains to its side. The advantage that this provides is the umbrella can cover a wide range of space providing shade.

A typical outdoor umbrella only covers a height of about 6 feet maximum. But, offset patio-umbrellas can cover hikes that extend up to 15 feet or more providing shade for more than just a single set of table and chairs.

They make an excellent choice for owners of beach cafés or in areas where large groups of people gather under the sun.

offset patio umbrellas

A Few Drawbacks To Be Considered

The offset patio-umbrella design does have a few drawbacks that must be considered before purchasing one of these models.

When purchasing a smaller model, keep in mind that the stand may not be strong enough to support the product in the event that the winds are quite strong or other bad weather conditions occur.

Due to the fact that it has a cantilever support system, and offset patio umbrella is quite prone to being unsuccessful when it comes to heavy use purposes. Yet, the larger models are practically immune to heavy wind conditions.

Additionally, an offset patio umbrella stand might get in the way of guests moving about since it is positioned to the side of the umbrella. This can be solved by strategically positioning the stand so that it does not impede any movement in the area where it is used.

The Offset Patio Umbrella Design Makes For Flexible Use

Offset patio umbrellas are not pre-designed to static use. Umbrellas in operation today come with adjustable angles so that they can provide shade in practically 360°, moving about as the sun travels in the sky.

This makes the choice of an offset patio below quite prudent when it comes to providing shade for outdoor gatherings that last throughout the day. Additionally, large offset-patio umbrellas can also accommodate lighting fixtures helping to illuminate the area beneath during nighttime operations.

Thus, an offset patio-umbrella can act as a temporary roof for any type of outdoor gathering occasion.

Look for newer models that incorporate the option for automatically folding onto itself so it can be stored when not in operation. These models have push button features that allow the automatic fold neatly onto itself making it a comfortable choice for everyday use.

Prices Will Vary

Consumers will be happy to find that the purchase of an offset patio-umbrella can come cheaply as $50. However, some are quite expensive and become a considerable financial investment.

The price will vary depending upon the size, the type of materials used to manufacture it, the popularity of the brand and whatever guarantees are provided with its purchase.

Expect to pay more than $1000 for 15-foot umbrellas, while the small offset patio-umbrella that is cheaply manufactured will cost under 50.

Regardless of different prices paid for offset patio umbrellas , make sure to inspect the material and stitching. These are two factors that will determine the life of your umbrella and sometimes choosing a less expensive model can be costly in the long run.

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