Organic Sunscreen and the Environment

by Anna
(Michigan, USA)

I enjoy wearing organic sunscreen. It makes me feel like I am making a healthier environment for myself and for everyone else by not using sunscreen with harmful chemicals.

It makes me itch a lot less, since I'm not allergic to anything in organic sunscreen. I enjoy the way it smells and how it's not as greasy as regular sunscreen.

I love how it goes on so easy and it works so much better at keeping my skin safe from harmful UV rays.

I would recommend organic sunscreen to anyone over regular sunscreen. I trust it a lot more than regular sunscreen.

I have never gotten burned at all since I started using organic sunscreen.

When I was using regular sunscreen not only I itched all the time, but also my skin would peel and I'd still get burned!

Not worth it at all. But ever since I switched, I have yet to be burned.

A healthy glow, and I can go about my day not worrying that I'll get a harmful skin disease or that I'll have an allergic reaction.

I think one of the best organic sunscreens out there is Burt's Bees children's sunscreen.

Even though it says that it's just for children, it also works just as well for adults. Many times, I have used this sunscreen and it's gone on so well that it allowed me to spend extra time out in the sun on a hot day.

I love it, it's great.

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