Overdosing on Light

by Kyle
(Moorpark, USA)

So there I was at 15 years old, ready to go on a beach trip with my group of friends from church.

I remember my mother telling me, don’t forget to put this on, handing me a bottle of 65 SPF waterproof sunscreen. I got into the bus after fellowshipping with the group.

We arrived at around eight-thirty in the morning. I remembered what my mother told me yet I didn’t put any sunscreen on, and I chose to wear a white t-shirt.

Let me tell you that was a big mistake!

The thought never crossed my mind that I have not been in the sun for at least 8 months, and was white as snow.

After about 8 hours of having fun at the beach, eating burritos, and just relaxing in the sun.

We got back into the bus and as soon as I sat down I noticed the burning sensation.

One of the cute girls noticed I was really red, and let me view in her mirror.

Wow! I was really, really red! Like lobster red.

I got home and immediately put Aloe Vera gel, on my back, and told my mother regretfully that I had a bad Sunburn.

That night I couldn’t move in my bed, the pain was unbearable.

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