Prevention of Skin Cancer
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The prevention of skin cancer is a very easy thing to do. But still, so many individuals fail to adopt the necessary measures and, hence, end up with the disease. In fact, studies have shown that skin cancer is on the rise, no thanks to the increasing indifference to sun protection.

But why become part of the statistics when you have many ways in the prevention of skin cancer? Add in the fact that doing so will mean avoidance of the complications.

Why Prevent Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancer forms, which means that it is also the most expensive to treat. On the national level, the government will spend $264 million on non-melanoma skin cancer and $30 million on malignant melanoma.

On the personal level, you may have to spend anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 on treatments. The cost will vary based on the size, severity and location of the skin cancer as well as the expertise of the doctor, geographic location of the clinic and the insurance coverage.

No matter the cost, it is still money that you could have saved had you taken precautionary measures in the first place.

prevention of skin cancer

On the physical side, skin cancer can metastasize into other parts of the body. Skin cancer is most likely located on the lips, the fingers and the knuckles, all of which are also common areas for skin cancer to manifest itself.

Well, of course, it is very rare for people to die from squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. But when left untreated, it can lead to disfigurement, which can mean more money for reconstructive surgery.

How can you Prevent Skin Cancer?

With all these complications, you should start thinking of the ways in prevention of skin cancer. Your physical and emotional health as well as your financial stability depends on your adoption of said ways.

You should avoid unprotected sun exposure at any time of the day. Always ensure that you have UV protection by wearing natural sunscreen the whole year-round.

Admittedly, sunscreens will not prevent skin cancer per se as these will not filter out all the harmful radiation but these substances play a major role in skin protection.

But even with sunscreen, you should avoid sun exposure from 9AM to 3PM, earlier and later if you live in sunny or high-altitude areas. This is because the sun's rays are at their strongest during these hours even when clouds obstruct the sun's path.

Yet another way to add a layer of protection against skin cancer is to wear sun protection clothing preferably those with UV protection. You can buy these clothes from online sites along with sunglasses and protective caps.

Also, you have to avoid tanning beds and tan agents. In many ways, these are more dangerous than the sun's rays in causing skin cancer.

The prevention of skin cancer often boils down to common sense and discipline. If you do not want skin cancer to mar your beautiful skin, then take all measures necessary to protect it from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays - pure and simple.

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