Privacy Window Film
The Benefits

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Privacy window film is all about your personal privacy at home and in your office. If dark tints are your sole idea of privacy tints for windows and doors, it’s predictable that these will make you hesitate to have your windows treated.

But you are in for a pleasant surprise. Why? Because these films come with the following benefits:


Privacy window film answers your desperate need for privacy at home and this need increases when your house is located in a housing village where everybody can clearly see what’s going on in their neighbor’s living room from their kitchen windows.

Why be a target of curious eyes when you can prevent the neighbors from enjoying the view of your living room everyday? What the neighbors cannot see, they cannot talk about, right?

privacy window film


When you have privacy, you also have security. If you have children, you can shield them from criminal elements preying on young children. In addition, thieves won’t dare peek into your windows if they suspect your windows have film that allow you to see outdoors from inside but not vice-versa.


Window film tinting has different strengths and stronger tints/films make glass windows shatter-proof. Should your glass window break upon impact, you do not have to worry about flying glass shards.

Skin Protection

The sun’s UV rays can get you indoors if your windows are not treated with window film. The potency of UV rays outdoors is the same in indoors and these rays have been linked to several skin cancers such as malignant melanoma.

Young children and the elderly are susceptible to heat rashes, photosensitivity and skin disorders caused by UV rays. With skin protection plus privacy, you have hit the jackpot with window film.

There is no restriction on residential window tinting unlike auto window tint and you can choose the darkest 3m film or precut window tint available.

If you prefer the etched glass effect, it is a beauty all right, and it still allows the sunlight in without its harmful UV rays. Other window tint designs cover the entire glass window and that gives off a spectacular light control effect and sun protection plus.

Home Décor

Choosing privacy window film that is decorative adds a touch of class or a homey feel to apartments and condominium suites. A window film tint with an attractive design adds character to your interiors. You do not need an interior decorator for the job, too.


Window film also reduces the heat streaming in by 15 percent. By blocking heat, the room temperature remains at a comfortable level minimizing the use of your room air conditioners. Less heat and light protects your wall paint, furniture, upholstery, carpets, and drapes from deteriorating and fading fast.

Better quality privacy window film such as the hybrid can last as long as five years. Cheaper films will produce bubbles under the films when exposed to intensive sunlight. Getting the best window film for your privacy, security, and safety is not an option but a priority.

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