Rash Guard
Lets All Follow Suit!

by Joe

Being born in Australia surfing has always been a part of my lifestyle along with other aquatic activities.

I’ve always been a big fan of having fun and being out there all day at times. But when the sun is hitting down on you and you’re on that board all day, the weather sometimes takes the fun out of it.

Out on the beach my friends would always come with shorts and shades. The cool way to go, no sunscreen either. I too fell into that trap but realized when I got older the damage I was doing to my body.

The sun burns got bad at times and the physical marks I’d get from waves crashing on me and the board marks, or daggers, as we like to call them, would sting hard.

Long story short, the following year I purchased some Rash Guard and I’ve gotta be honest I’m never turning back to the bathing suit and shades day.

Full body rash guard makes you feel like a fish in the water and no longer do I get pain on my body.

From the sun, or the board and water. Surfing is a great sport and when weather started to interfere I almost quit.

Now that I discovered Rash Guard I will never leave the sport I truly love and I know my body will be safe every time I hit the water.

Funnily enough my friends followed suit, and now we all wear Rash Guard which is stylish and extremely comfortable and safe.

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