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Rash Guard Saves Skin Not rated yet
I didn't know what those silly shirts were about. Rash guards don't make sense to you until you wish you had been wearing one. After a marathon session …

Rash Guard
Lets All Follow Suit!
 Not rated yet
Being born in Australia surfing has always been a part of my lifestyle along with other aquatic activities. I’ve always been a big fan of having fun …

Rash Guard
Great for Beach Babies
 Not rated yet
During the summer, my husband and I spend a lot of time in the water with our two kids age 5 and 3. We go back and forth between the beach and the …

My Rash Guard Experience  Not rated yet
Whenever I hit the open waves, there is always the embarrassing and unpleasant risk of developing a nasty rash. It makes the ladies cringe and lowers …

A Man and his Rash Guard Not rated yet
I never heard of a rash guard until my wife and I took the kiddo to the Virgin Islands. The kid wanted to go snorkeling and learn to surf and I was …

Rash Guard
Your Skin's Best Friend
 Not rated yet
I was born on the waves. I mean this both figuratively and literally. My mother’s hospital room in the maternity ward where I was born had a window …

Rash Guards
Great Sun Block
 Not rated yet
When you think of rash guards you probably think of a thick, waterproof garment that prevents scrapes and cuts when surfing or participating in other vigorous …

How I Tackled My Baby’s Rash Not rated yet
My kid when she was small she used to get diaper rashes. I always had taken a lot of care to prevent these rashes by keeping the area dry and clean, …

To Fit a Rash Guard Not rated yet
I was in Thailand one summer doing the surfs and people started looking at me with a smirk on their faces. I guess it was simply because of the …

Gold Bond Body Powder Saved My Skin! Not rated yet
I am obese and have a tendency to get really bad heat rashes. I had been using hydrocortisone cream by the tube to treat this condition. The cream …

How Does a Rash Guard Help? Not rated yet
I bought a rash guard typically as a sporty shirt, intended for water use. The rash guard shirt was initially developed for surfers who were …

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