Running Sunglasses

by Traci
(Florida, USA)

Well I'm very into keeping healthy and staying in shape. I live in Florida and its summer.

So of course you can imagine the heat and the sun. While jogging I could never find that perfect pair of sunglasses.

So a girlfriend of mine that I do weekend runs with, told me about the pair she uses which is specifically made for running (hence running sunglasses).

Anyways, I went shopping for a pair and found a pair called ''Women's Optic Nerve Squeezebox Interchangeable Lens'' running sunglasses.

Let me say they are perfect. They don't slip off their, and are very light weight. Of course they provide great sun protection.

It lets you adjust to changing light with 4 interchangeable lenses:

• Amber,

• Copper,

• Clear,

• Smoke ,

It has a sleek sexy look that I love! There's nothing really bad I can say about the glasses and I would most definitely recommend them.

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