Sand in the Suit

by Lydia
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

Girl's bathing suits are becoming more and more diverse as the number of children in the world increases.

To date no one knows exactly how many girls bathing suits are worn every year, but you can be sure that the number is climbing.

Young girls do not have to worry about modesty in the same way that women and teens do, so the selection of suits available is quite broad.

The colors that young girls can get away with wearing include all shades of neon, and the patterns can be quite fun.

As a child I had a Native-American themed suit which was quite fun, but what woman would wear that suit?

Well actually, now that fashion has taken a turn for the weird, you might find a woman wearing a Native-American themed suit, and you might say - wow, I never dreamed I'd see such a theme in an adult bathing suit.

One thing that girls bathing suits rarely take into account is the amount of sand that can get stuck in them on beaches.

As a child, I always wondered why they didn't invent something that would keep the sand out of my suit and on the beach. I'm sure you've felt similarly at one time or another.

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