Scalp Sunscreen for the Head Bald or Not

A scalp sunscreen may seem preposterous to many people since the scalp is protected by the hair and headgear. If you spend any amount of time under the sun, you have to purchase a natural sunscreen for the scalp and hair for many reasons.

Keep in mind that the first area of the skin that the sun's ultraviolet rays touch on is the scalp. Skin cancer can still affect this area, which means that any and all sun protection for this area is beneficial. What better way to do so than to use the appropriate scalp sunscreen?

Application Benefits

Aside from the obvious sun protection benefits, scalp sunscreens also provide for other advantages. With a special formulation, you can easily glide on sunscreen for the scalp. This may not be true for face and body sunscreens, which can result in an oily mess when applied to the scalp and hair.

Your head is also better protected from the sun since the special formulation is often stronger than those found in other sunscreens. After all, your head is the area most exposed to the sun especially when you have no headgear like a wide-brimmed hat.

Vibrant Hair Color

Scalp sunscreens are not only for sun protection. Your vibrantly colored hair, be it natural or dyed, will also benefit from the application of the right sunscreen for the head.

Sun exposure leads to sun damage, which can take the form of lackluster hair with faded colors in many areas. If you are fond of hair treatments particularly in hair colors, you will need a scalp sunscreen to protect your hair.

Otherwise, all your time, effort and money to make your hair as vibrant as possible will be washed down the drain. Yes, your hair color will look washed out.

The changes in hair color are noticeable, too. Red hair becomes pinkish with dirty red streaks, blonde hair turns brassy with unwanted gold highlights and black hair turns to dirty blonde with gray streaks in severe cases. In short, your head of hair will look icky, to say the least.

So, if you value your hair, put on sunscreen. You will not be spending one too many dollar on re-coloring treatments, too.

Healthy Scalp

And of course, scalp sunscreens are formulated to prevent skin cancer from sprouting on your scalp. Remember that the scalp is still skin and, thus, melanoma is still a significant possibility regardless if you still have your crowning glory or you are showing the signs of pattern baldness.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try an experiment. Stay out in the midday sun during the summer for at least an hour sans the scalp and hair sunscreen and the hat. Apply facial and body sunscreen, naturally.

You will quickly observe that your scalp will suffer from mild sunburn in many places. Your hair will also look washed out and you may be feeling the start of sun stroke. All of these symptoms are undesirable.

If you are going to invest in treatments, accessories and other items for your head, your first priority should be a scalp sunscreen . Your life is at stake here, not just your vanity for a full head of hair or a balding head ala Yul Brynner.

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