Second Hand Girls Bathing Suits Wishes

by Chelsea
(Erie, PA, USA)

When I was a little girl my bathing suits were always second hand since I had an older sister who happened to be just 15 months my senior.

Being so close in age, my mother thought it was ridiculous to buy me a new swimsuit when my sister grew out of her old ones, being that we grew so quickly and had to have new suits every summer.

I can't remember a time in my life growing up that I didn't have a second hand suit. I appreciated it, but at the same time, it felt like I never had anything that was truly my own.

I would gripe about it every now and then, but as always, every summer without fail, my mother would get my sister a new suit and I'd get the old hand me down.

Things remained the same, until I got to be about seventeen years old. That's when my sister, who'd just started a new job, started buying fashionable suits at the mall, spending outrageous amounts of money on the newest styles.

She'd come home and model her new suits and I'd sit and wait patiently for her to pass them along, picturing how awesome I'd look next summer in her old swim suit!

We laugh together when I recall now how badly I wished for one of those girls bathing suits, even if it was just second hand! What a twist of feelings, isn't it funny how that always works out?

Girls Bathing Suits

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