Skin Cancer Cells
Ways to Kill Them

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When it comes to skin cancer cells, medical science continues to make new discoveries on the ways and means to kill them. Of course, this is good news for us humans as skin cancer is the most common of all cancer types but almost completely avoidable.

In order to avoid the hassles of having skin cancer cells wreaking havoc on your body, you should take the precautionary measures against them. The most important of these measures are to always wear UV protection in the form of clothes and biodegradable sunscreen as well as avoid overexposure to the sun.

But if you still contracted cancer despite all your precautions, then it pays to know of your possible treatment options. You may have skin cancer mainly because of the uncontrollable risks like age, family history and genes working against your favor. Keep in mind, too, that treatment will depend on the type, size and location of the cancerous cells.

skin cancer cells

Freezing with Liquid Nitrogen

Known as cryosurgery in medical circles, this is the application of liquid nitrogen to the affected area. The action will freeze the skin which will make it easier for your doctor to slough off the cancerous cells when it thaws.

You may have to undergo the treatment at least 2 more times before it takes effect.

Excising through Surgery

In this method, the tumor is removed from your body or face. Healthy cells may also be included just so the cancerous ones will not spread to the outlying areas.

You may have scarring of the skin but under the hands of an expert reconstructive surgeon, this can be greatly minimized.

Laser Therapy

If you only have precancerous lesions or superficial skin cancer, your doctor may opt for laser therapy. In this case, an intense beam of concentrated light is focused on the affected area, which then vaporizes the cancerous skin cells.

You will appreciate that laser therapy results in little to no bleeding, swelling and scarring.

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

This is the most common way of removing recurring skin cancer cells including squamous cell and basal carcinomas. However, only trained doctors must perform the surgery due to the complications involved with the procedure.

Basically, your skin is peeled layer by layer with each layer examined for cancerous cells and then removed when necessary. In this way, very little of the surrounding healthy skin is affected.

Radiation and Chemotherapy

These skin cancer treatments may be provided alone or as partners depending on the severity of the disease. Your chemo sessions may either be through intravenous injections or through topical applications, either of which does have its unpleasant side effects.

Aside from these existing treatment options, doctors are studying the safety and efficacy of alternatives. There is photodynamic therapy and biological therapy, both of which have shown promise.

Then again, if you can avoid the development of skin cancer cells skin cancer cells in your body, then nothing should stop you from doing so.

You should start wearing clothes with UV protection in them, slather on sunscreen with sufficient sun protection, and limiting your exposure to the sun especially during the noon hours. Ultimately, sun protection is still better than treatment options for skin cancer.

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