Solar Film and Window Tint
The Only Way to Go

by Jeanine

Solar film and home window tint has been a great choice for my home and car. It was easily installed on the inside surface of my homes windows.

I chose the frosted option that gave me great protection from ultraviolet rays but gave me the privacy that I was looking for.

I wasn’t sure at first that I would enjoy the frosted feeling like I wouldn’t be able to enjoy looking out the window.

But my installer and the company worked with me in finding the right look for my home while giving me the protection and privacy that I needed.

While the installer was working he also said that it will also in time, save my home interior items from sun fading. Of course, I have not had it long enough to notice yet.

I have noticed a small savings in my energy bill but again have not had the installation of the solar film long enough to fully compare.

I also had auto window tint done to my car and am very happy on how it made the car look. It not only looks just a little sleeker but also offers my skin and the interior of my car protection.

I understand that it will save cracking of my interior as well over time. Worth the money as in the long run I feel that it easily pays for itself.

Also because I travel a great deal I feel that this was a great idea to help protect my skin from damaging UV rays while traveling in my car.

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