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With countless home window tint products vying for your attention, it becomes impossible to find the best one for your home, budget-wise and quality-wise. Here are the things you should know before you commit to a budget busting home project.

How to Choose a Good Home Tint Shop

Home window tint shops are a dime a dozen. There are numerous new shops and established shops that promise the same quality service. But in truth not all of these can deliver what they promise.

It becomes crucial this early to know which window tint shop can provide the following:

• Quality service

• Tint choices

• Valid manufacturer’s warranty

These are the three signposts that you’re getting a reliable shop in your area.

References from family and friends can help you narrow down your choices of established shops. If you feel comfortable with established shops that have been around and seem busy, take a look at what they can offer.

Shop customer service will readily give you a quote online and via telephone inquiries. They should be able to take the time to talk to you and explain the differences and advantages of the different window tints.

home window tint

How Much will it Cost?

There are different grades of window tints for the home and prices will be based on the amount of film/tint that will be used on a number of windows.

As for the grades, these will vary in the amount of heat that can be blocked, degree or amount of sunlight that can pass through the tinted windows. If you have unusually curved windows that are difficult to tint the shop will charge extra.

If a quality car window tint can cost you $500 for the entire work, then a whole house treatment can cost you more.

A professional service provider should be able to calculate the fees upfront based on the number and the measurement of your windows. Basically the more windows treated, the more you’ll have to pay up.

Home window tint or precut window tint that is cheap sounds good on the budget but the tint won’t hold up beyond a year. Scratches can create spaces where UV rays can pass through and more heat can get indoors defeating your effort to minimize cooling expenses during hot weather.

In addition, cheap home tints for your home windows and doors can form a bubble look which won’t do any good to your home’s interiors and exteriors.

What Other Benefits Can You Get?

Your window tints should provide you with more benefits apart from protecting you and your family from skin cancer and heat stroke. If you are using transparent tints, you will be getting the usual amount of light during the daytime.

Furthermore, because the window tint can control the amount of heat getting in, you won’t be using air conditioners much of the time during summers or blast the radiator to full during winters because the heat in the room won’t be escaping through the windows.

Using home window tint indeed has more benefits and these can be enjoyed for years to come if you choose the right product and the right window tinting shop.

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