Sun Burnt at 21

by N. Fernowsi
(Gainesville, FL, USA)

Sometimes young adults forget that they are going to have their skin for the rest of their lives.

Very often people are concerned with getting a sexy and tan body and they forget that the sun is doing damage on their skin at the same time as it tans it.

UV rays from the sun can cause Skin Cancer. It is highly crucial that one wears at the very least a sunscreen with a low SPF.

Protection of skin is very important. Even going out in the sun daily requires some sort of SPF protection.

And if you are out in the sun for a prolonged amount of time reapply sunscreen. I cannot stress this enough.

If you burn your chances of skin damage are very high. I remember an instance where I applied sunscreen when I went out in the sun but never reapplied.

I ended up sun-burnt and probably have permanent skin damage from just this one instance.

Every Sunburn is cause for alarm. It is your body’s reaction to over-exposure to the sun.

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