Sun Sleeve Arms Skateboarders With Proper UV Protection

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Use of a sun sleeve is something escaping every avid skateboarder who enjoys as much time as possible pursuing their craft in the fresh air of outdoors.

Conscientious skateboarders understand the need for safety equipment like a good, sturdy, protective helmet. Many employ added protection using knee ad wrist pads to help cushion any impact in the event a ride goes awry.

But, like many outdoor activity enthusiasts, skateboarders hardly ever think about one of the major harmful elements encountered when performing their daring acts of skating prowess which is exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation.

This is due to the fact most skateboarders are unaware of the major facts concerning UV radiation that include:

Fact 1 - The primary cause for for skin cancer is UV radiation. It is also the number one cause for the appearance of skin wrinkles.

Since UV radiation emanates from the sun, the only choice to avoid harmful rays while enjoying activity outdoors is to plan proper skin protection.

Sun damage manifests itself after harmful exposure with the appearance of age spots, freckles, wrinkles and discolored brown spots that are all signs of skin damage. Many skateboarders wear loose-fitting, short-sleeved shirts leaving arms exposed to the elements that could use the protection of a sun sleeve.

Fact 2 - often skateboarders and other outdoor enthusiasts have the mistaken notion that since the sun appears to be weaker during winter months.

However, UV radiation is a constant from sunrise to sunset, 365 days of the year. Although the intensity of UV radiation during the winter may not be as high a level as what occurs during summer months, it is still a powerful force contributing to the eventual development of Malignant Melanoma, or skin cancer.

Fact 3 - Another commonly held mistaken belief s that clouds help protect a skateboarder from harmful sun rays. People active in the outdoors on a cloudy day are still susceptible to 80 percent UV radiation.

Although the sun is not shining brightly upon performing skateboarders, the skin is still being damaged by always present UV radiation. Use of a sun sleeve will help skaters produce excellent skin protection.

Fact 4 - Another misconception held by outdoor enthusiasts is that when participating in activities for short exposure periods of time there really is no damage caused by harmful sun rays. This is not true.

The damage to human skin is caused by exposure during a long period of time. Therefore, even short sessions skating under the sun will contribute to cumulative effects.

Even though skaters never get a sunburn from short time exposure, small doses of harmful UV radiation do contribute to premature aging and the possibility toward developing skin cancer. Therefore, sun protection is necessary all the time, every day, in order to stay safe.

Fact 5 - Many skateboarders also participate in snowboarding and do not realize that UV radiation exposure increases at higher altitudes.

In fact, sun UV rays are more harmful at higher elevations making it an important choice to put to great use the protection provided wearing a sun sleeve on exposed arms.

Skateboarders understanding the basics for proper skin care can stay safe using protective clothing such as a sun sleeve .

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