Sunscreen Wipes and the Four Kids

by Jeff
(Metairie, LA, USA)

As the stay at home father of four young children, I discovered a great time saver this summer that protected my kids, and lessened the chaos that is involved when trying to take them out to enjoy a day in the park or at the beach.

The hardest part of taking the kids out is protecting them from the sun. I hate the mess of the liquid sun block protection. No matter how hard I try, the bottle always seems to open up in the bottom of my bag and ruins everything in the bag.

My kids hate the feeling of the liquid when I put it on them, and it seems to take forever to get it on all four kids. We tried the spray, and although it was less messy than the liquid, it was harder to get full coverage on all the kids and someone would get too much exposure because I missed a spot.

The other problem with the spray was that no matter how hard I tried, someone would always get some of the spray in their eyes, creating even more drama.

This summer I found a great solution to my problem. I found out about sunscreen wipes. They are like baby wipes.

The sunscreen is on the wipe, so all I have to do is to take out the wipe and rub it on my children. It is so much faster than any other method I have used.

I am able to completely cover my children with sunscreen and am able to do it in much less time with much less effort and considerably less drama.

My kids no longer mind getting sunscreen put on, and are starting to do it themselves. The wipes aren’t “icky”, so they don’t mind rubbing on the parts of the body that they can reach.

They are also able to apply it without getting any in their eyes. The wipes offer great protection and are fairly water resistant.

They have made our summer family outings a lot more enjoyable.

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