The Convenience of Sunscreen Wipes

by Amanda
(Greenfield, MA, USA)

Like many other people, I absolutely love having a picnic on the beach. Freshly grilled foods that are covered in ketchup are among my favorite foods to enjoy on hot summer days.

However, these foods can be very messy, especially when you're the parent of a squirmy toddler. Luckily, someone thought to invent sunscreen wipes.

Ordinarily, when cleaning my youngest child up after a particularly untidy meal, I would have to go through all the trouble of reapplying sunscreen on him afterwards.

My toddler has very fair skin, so it is very important to me to make sure that no part of him is left uncovered by sunscreen.

My young one absolutely hates to stay still, and this is not a task that I look forward to. However, with sunscreen wipes, I can just give them one quick wipe down on any part of his body that I may have removed their sunscreen from, and he is good to go.

This is also a great way to apply sunscreen to a child all over. Sunscreen wipes come in higher SPFs like 30+, and are much easier to use than normal sunscreen.

It has also been very helpful for my older children. I can simply hand them a few wipes and let them apply sunscreen to themselves.

They don't like applying ordinary sunscreen to themselves, but they can use sunscreen wipes with no problems.

I keep a package of sunscreen wipes in my purse, and I no longer go anywhere without them. I am always finding new uses for them.

I am so grateful to whoever came up with the idea for them. What a useful invention!

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