The Miracle of the Human Skin

by Anonymous

The skin is the largest organ in the body and one of the most useful.

Our skin doesn't just cover our body. It does a whole lot more. It functions as protective wrapping.

Along with a layer of fat underneath, it insulates us against all kinds of harm such as bumps, smack, wallop, collision and wear and tear.

It keeps germs and water outside of the body unless we have a break in our skin and keeps our body's fluids and salts.

So it is very important for us to take good care of our skin before it is too late.

Our skin produces fluids such as waxes and oils which act as our body's natural water proofer and a protector against germs. They make our skin softer and supple.

Our skin also contains glands which manufacture sweat which cools our body by its evaporation, but also helps our body get rid of harmful and useless chemicals.

Since our skin is very important, it is also a must that we should take good care of it. One way to do it is to follow these essential steps.

First is to cleanse, then to tone, moisturize and sometimes even just once a week, to exfoliate and have a facial mask.

We should also avoid the harsh UV rays of the sun since this could be harmful to our skin.

Eating a diet with lots of vitamins A and C is also heaven for our skin. Our skin is our miracle garment so we should concern ourselves to protecting it.

Human Skin

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