The Miracle Vitamin

by Matt
(Portland, OR, USA)

I live in the Pacific Northwest which is very well known for falls and winters plagued with constant rain and cloud cover.

Having grown up in the region, I have become accustomed to the climate; however, this past year I found that I was becoming increasing depressed.

I tried many things that would alleviate the problem from exercising more to becoming more active in the community. This did not seem to help.

Finally, I decided perhaps I had a deeper problem and needed to get on anti-depressants.

I spoke with a physician and rather than prescribing me something he advised me to start taking Vitamin D Supplements daily.

He explained that many people experience depression due to lack of exposure to sunlight and the nutrients that come along with it.

I began taking the vitamin on a regular basis and have found I feel much better. It increased my energy and my depressive thoughts seemed to fade.

I began telling all my friends and family about this and they too have experienced positive effects from the vitamin.

Vitamin D should be a part of everyone’s daily diet especially if they are feeling a little down.

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