The Shade Will Show If You Are Sunburned

by Dan
(Ohio, USA)

When we were down in Florida for a vacation, my skin was as white as a ghost.

I wanted to tan my skin for when I went back to school up north.

I had always used SPF 15 in the real hot sun, but that always took too long for me to tan. I decided to put on SPF 8 while at the beach all week.

The first day there was great. I was at the pool and on the beach all day.

Towards the middle of the day I could really feel the heat on my shoulders.

I went inside out of the sun to see if I was burned at all. Oh, it was bad. I was a lobster from head to toe.

The UV rays fried my skin. I could see how red I was and how sensitive my skin was when I poked it with my fingers.

I learned that although it may seem like a quick way to tan, the lower power sun block is no match for those UV rays.

I always put on SPF 15 when I am out in the sun. I can't afford to have that kind of UV damage to my skin.

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