A Tilley Winter Hat Can Make You Look Hot Enough to Bite in the Biting Cold

If you wear a Tilley winter hat because you love wearing hats then you can continue your passion even when it is cold outside.

You need not move around in shame whilst wearing a bulky or shapeless cap since a Tilley hat can make you look hot enough to bite in the biting cold.

Each Tilley hat is hand-crafted to perfection, and the winter hat offers much more than elegant macho looks that will make girls and women swoon with desire even as your head remains warm at all times.

Protecting your good looks in the snow

The winter hat offered by Tilley Endurables from Canada has been time-tested in harsh Canadian winters so that you get the best possible protection from extreme cold.

The exterior of each Tilley winter hat is made from warm wool that has been especially coated to protect the hat and your head from rain and snow.

The crown of the hat also contains thin foam padding that keeps your head warm and protected from minor knocks.

This innovative hat also has tuck-away ear warmers as well as forehead warmers that will surely prevent your head and ears from freezing as you proudly strut about in the cold.

When the sun does come out, your tilley will still offer sun protection from harmful UV rays since this hat is UPF 50+ certified, which means that 98% of harmful UVA as well as UVB rays are prevented from reaching your head, face, and neck.

Anyway, your winter hat from tilley is guaranteed for life and also insured against theft and damage for up to 2 years so you need not worry about getting mugged for your hat by a cold bear in the forest or watching your pet dog jealously chew up your beloved hat.

You only need to pay half the amount of your old hat when you buy your new one and resume looking hot without any problems.

Tilley offers 13 hat sizes for a perfectly snug fit

If you want another handsome variant to your Tilley winter hat from the tilley stable then you can also have a look at their soft shell winter hat.

This crushable, packable, and breathable hat is made with the company's patented 3XDRY technology along with the 3M Scotchlite headband.

This ensures that the hat repels rain and snow from the outside even as it transports your forehead sweat from inside to the outside instantly so that you remain comfortably dry at all times.

Tilley also offers 13 hat sizes so you are sure to find one that sits snugly over your head so as to prevent any cold from entering your fashionable-yet-rugged hat.

A 4 page owner's manual (yes, you read it right) accompanies your winter hat that will explain all related features of your hat as well as offer instructions on how to take care of your hat for life.

Severe cold weather should not prevent you from stepping out of your home in style. All you need is a matching tilley winter hat that will project your good taste as well as keep your head and ears warm and dry in the cold.

Women and girls are sure to swoon with pleasure even as fellow guys fume with envy when you step out of your home with an elegant winter hat made by tilley on your head.

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