Tilly Hats Offer Enduring Protection in All Types of Weather

Tilly hats will offer enduring protection in all types of weather. Your love for outdoor activities can keep you in good health provided you remain safe from over-exposure to the harmful effects of nature.

Too much exposure to sunlight, rain, sleet or snow is not a good thing and in order to remain well-protected on a beach, in the jungle, whilst playing golf, or trekking to the top of a cold mountain, these hats are the perfect answer to any type of weather.

These elegant-looking and extremely well-built hats were the brainchild of Alex Tilley, who made the first hat for himself as he could not find a suitable one that could accompany him on his sailing adventures.

Word of his expertise spread quickly and led to the creation of Tilley Endurables in Canada to cater to the demand for high-quality hats all over the world.

The secret of tilly hats lies in every aspect of each hat right from the top quality materials used, to the hand-sewing of each hat, to the innovative features embedded in each hat made by this enterprising company.

A lifetime guarantee as well as a 2 year insurance policy

Most hats made by tilley also come with a lifetime guarantee, and you simply need to send back a defective hat in the rare case that you do find a defect to Tilley Endurables so as to receive a brand new one.

In case your hat is damaged by an excited child or an over-excited pet or even stolen by a jealous thief then you need not worry since these hats also arrive at your doorstep with a 2 year insurance policy against damage or theft.

You simply need to pay half the original amount paid for that hat and receive a new one from the company.

The company has also introduced several new innovations related to the materials used in making these high quality pieces of art that they call hats.

For example, their hats now incorporate their patented material Tilley Nylamtium. This is water-repellant nylon that is lightweight as well as extremely durable.

Their sweatband fabric is made of TRANSPOR Dry Layer, which sucks away sweat quickly to the outside of the hat and ensures that your head always remains cool and dry.

All the fabrics used in the manufacture of tilly hats are UPF 50+ certified, which ensures that your head, face, and neck remain protected from 98% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays, especially when you use their wide-brimmed hats.

There is even a secret pocket in the hats!

These hats are also made in 13 sizes instead of the usual 6 and also float on water in case you get over-enthusiastic while boating or fishing and drop your hat in the water.

A secret pocket in these hats also offer you a chance to conceal keys, cash, etc, while various colors including elegant pastel ones give a distinguished-yet-modern look to any head that adorns such hats.

You can also choose from organic, plain, and waxed cotton, wool, wool felt, nylon, raffia, and hemp as materials whilst choosing your tilly hats.

You should make sure that you consider the weather that will bear down on your hat once you buy it and then opt for a matching hat. You can easily buy different types of hats for confidently facing different types of weather.

If you are an active person that loves golfing, trekking, walking, fishing, boating or simply walking on the beach then you certainly need to remain safe from harmful UV rays.

You can surely get the best in sun protection even as you have fun in choosing from the wide range of tilly hats offered by this dynamic Canadian company.

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