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A UV hat is very important if you wish to protect yourself from the negative effects of too much exposure to sunshine.

The logic behind this is simply that sunshine contains a good deal of UV rays or ultraviolet rays that are medically considered to be one of the most dangerous substances for humans.

In fact, it has been scientifically proven that a person who spends prolonged periods of time under the sun is susceptible to dangerous diseases like melanoma i.e. skin cancer and macular degeneration which means partial loss of eye sight. Consider the following facets of sunshine and UV hats.

What is the most crucial thing about a UV hat?

The most crucial aspect of ultraviolet hats is that they should be made up of material that is resistant to them.

It is fairly common for people to make the mistake of thinking that if they are in the shade or if the sky is overcast, then ultraviolet rays do not harm them.

On the contrary, ultraviolet rays can penetrate most substances including cloth and clouds. Therefore, just because you make it a practice to wear hats that keep you in shade, it does not mean that you are protected from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

In order to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays, you need to get sun hats. Sun hats are nothing but normal hats with a minor difference in the material being used.

The materials that sun hats are made of are specifically treated to be resistant to ultraviolet rays. Depending upon the specific sun hat, the ability of sun hats to block ultraviolet rays varies with the best being rated as SPF or UPF 50+.

SPF and UPF are often interchanged, with the former meaning Sun Protection Factor and the latter meaning UV Protection Factor. In practical terms, a 50+ rating means that the material of the hat would be able to block 98 percent of ultraviolet rays.

What else should your UV hat have?

The second most important aspect of your ultraviolet hat is that it should have a wide brim. After all, what good is a sun hat if it cannot even keep the sun off your face?

The reason why wide brims are needed is that ultraviolet rays falling on any part of your body can cause damage.

Based on this concept, ultraviolet legionnaire hats which have an attached curtain should be considered to be better than ultraviolet hats with wide brims.

Along with these requirements, your UV hat may also need to comply with some other requirements depending upon where you will use them.

For example, if you are in hot climates then you need hats that can breathe while in cold climates you need the opposite.

Similarly, if you are going fishing then you need a hat that is waterproof or if you are going on a safari then you need a tightly fitting hat.

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