UV Outdoor Shirts

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

UV outdoor shirts are some of the most useful Sun protection clothing elements. These Sun protection shirts protect you and your upper body in particular, where your sunscreen just can't.

The best UV shirt is the type which has a high collar, has mesh openings under sides as well as the back and is of course long sleeve. You may prefer not to tuck in your shirt so that you get proper airflow and stay cool.

Depending on the fabric, you might get hot since some are very tightly woven. However, the 100% cotton shirts tend to be much cooler and comfortable.

Once you have your UV outdoor shirts on, you are protected the whole time. On the contrary, your sunscreen might fail protecting you against the UV rays for several reasons or factors as shown below.

UV outdoor shirts

For instance,

• You did not follow the instructions correctly

• You did not use the right amount of sunscreen

• You did not apply the sunscreen well in advance of your Sun exposure

• You did not properly rub in or apply your sunscreen

• You did not reapply your sunscreen after being outdoors for several hours

• Your sunscreen has a very low SPF rating

• You did not bother to apply sunscreen to all exposed parts of your body

• You are caught off guard in the hot sun and don't have your sunscreen with you

• You choose to use the sunscreen that has been stored in your car's dashboard for a long period of time, where it might have lost its effectiveness and/or expired

• You never check the expiration date that is normally imprinted on every bottle or tube, and assume that even though months or years have passed their expiration date but the sunscreen is still effective

• You have been told that since it is an overcast day, there is no need for any sunscreen

• You believe that your Sun protection umbrella is all you need, not realizing that the surface you're walking on(such as sand or concrete) is reflecting more UV rays than your skin can handle

• You are going to board an airplane and by the reason of being inside, you avoid using any kind of Sun protection or sunscreen not realizing that UV rays are much stronger at higher elevations especially at 30,000 feet

• You're going skiing and since it's winter time, you imagine that is no risk of sunburn or UV damage. Whereas if it's going to be a clear sunny day, you might get twice the UV exposure since the snow will be reflecting it back at you as well as the Sun

Getting back to UV outdoor shirts, it is clear that not only they are an absolute necessity when you're outdoors but also help prolong the health of your natural skin.

At the moment, there is a whole global wardrobe revolution taking place and there is no stopping it. In order to have your UV clothing on hand all the time, the closets are being replenished with UV shirts of all kinds and colors instead of what was once just a regular shirt with a very low SPF rating.

These UV outdoor shirts not only protect your skin but also help you tremendously by avoiding getting sunburns, Sun allergies and other Sun exposure skin reactions. As an additional step in your Sun protection efforts, you can always rollup the collar for better coverage.

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