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UV pants are an integral part of any Sun protection clothing set up or wardrobe. Naturally, it's quite difficult to protect your legs the whole time that you are outside under the Sun.

Even though there are many ways to get around it and protect yourself, but ultimately it comes down to having something on which truly covers your skin at all times.

Your UV pants most likely need to be long reaching all the way down to your toes, otherwise anything else such as a short pair of pants would defeat the purpose and be half as much effective.

As shown in the photo below, there are so many scenarios that can happen while you're outdoors and especially if you're traveling.

UV pants

Example number one:

The lady is wearing a blue sleeveless Sun shirt along with Short UV pants and a UV umbrella. Since her arms are not protected in the hot Sun, she must carry the Sun protection umbrella with her so she does not get a severe sunburn on her arms and the back of her neck.

Her UV pants are great especially in the color of white which help her keep cool, but there is only one problem. Unfortunately they are short and cover only down to her knees, leaving the whole portion of her lower leg exposed to the harmful UV rays.

Even her UV umbrella cannot protect her skin that far down while the Sun goes down, emanating ultraviolet radiation at different angles unless she takes cover in the shade.

Example number two:

The lady in the center is wearing a short sleeve UV shirt along with a very low cut short and a dark blue UV umbrella as well. Since the Sun shirt she's wearing does not provide any sun protection on her arms or the neck area, then she must compensate for it by using the umbrella.

However, she's still forced to seek shade in order to avoid getting sunburns on her arms and legs.

Example number three:

The gentleman is wearing a red sport UV shirt along with a pair of board shorts. Since he is just wearing a regular baseball cap, his face, arms and legs are in great danger. Therefore he's running towards the shaded area just like many others so they can keep cool as well and avoid all that UV radiation.

Example number four:

The gentleman on the far right is wearing a wide brimmed Sun protection hat along with a short sleeve UV shirt and long UV pants. With this outfit he's getting most of the Sun protection he needs for his body parts such as his scalp, ears, chest, back and of course his legs.

But since he has no UV umbrella with him, he's choosing to remain in the shade and not increase the risk of getting skin cancer. This is because the harmful effects of the UV rays are not like a hit-and-run car accident. These damaging effects may take years to wreak havoc on the skin and then it is going to be much harder to deal with it.

Overall, UV pants are being used daily at home and/or abroad when visiting or traveling place to place. They help protect your skin from the sun waist down in so many ways, such as skin rash or sunburn and even skin cancer.

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