UV Prescription Sunglasses

by Jess

I purchased my cheap prescription sunglasses about four years ago. Since my original purchase, I have replaced the glass twice.

When I first bought the glasses I was elated. I have never worn contacts, therefore my entire life, I've been squinting in the sun.

So I buy these glasses, and for the first time since the third grade I am able to wear sunglasses. I loved them at first.

They were a coach frame, dark black glass. They looked very Jackie O. I do have some complaints about them though.

Since I am quite blind, the glass is very thick and very heavy. At times this can even be painful, if I want to wear them for a long period of time.

Also, since they are so thick and dark I always get a weird tan on my face. I'm not that crazy about that either. These prescription sunglasses also have UV protection.

My eye doctor said it is extremely important for everyone to be wearing UV protection sunglasses. The eyes can be severely damaged by the sun if they are exposed to the sun's powerful rays all day, especially on the beach or at the pool.

You lay out in the sun all day long, these glasses really protect your eyes. Just make sure that you still remember to wear sunscreen.

Who wants to have tan lines on their face?

It's something I never thought about before, but never leave the house without it or them. The only thing I would recommend is purchasing a thinner glass for your prescription.

I'm sure they have thinner glasses out there now. That would relieve the pressure of the heaviness.

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