Window Tint is Great Stuff

by Terry

My son tinted his truck windows a few years back using solar film. He did a fantastic job on it and the truck looks great.

Tinting the windows on his truck, was the first time he had ever used the auto window tint film.

Well, once he did that, I had the brilliant idea of tinting our porch windows (the great big huge slider ones) and the storm window for the door.

Well, needless to say, doing that cooled the porch in the summer, LOTS.

Giving thought to figuring out how to do a darker uv window film, but making it into a pull down shade for out there.

As I don't want darker tint for the winter months, when the sunshine is needed to heat up the porch, whenever possible.

I also had him do the glass in the screen door, to the entrance to the house, once inside the porch.

Then he did the windows on my small car. They already supposedly had a tint on them. Could have fooled me!

So, needless to say, my car is now retinted with more tint. It's fantastic for driving, and not going blind from the sun. Better yet, not dark enough to bother me while driving at night or a cloudy day.

About three years ago, I purchased new windows for my home. The window company was trying like crazy to convince me to get tinted ones.

Gee, that costs extra. I informed them I liked sunshine coming in.

I purchased more tint, and had my son tint the house windows. By doing so, I saved a small fortune, not having the window company talk me into it.

Yes, I did help him with doing it. The good news is that doing home window tinting yourself, saves you lots of money in the long run. Less fading of carpet and furniture.

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