Wish I Wouldn't Have Waited!

by Kelly
(Chicago, IL, USA)

My husband and I went on our honeymoon in El Salvador. The country was beautiful and the weather was amazing.

I was being very careful with my sun protection. We split our time between the city of San Salvador and the beach of La Libertad.

I was one week into our two and half week trip when I realized that I wasn’t gaining any color! I wanted the tan that co-workers talk about and I wasn’t getting it.

So, I decided that the next time we went to the beach, I would wait a couple of hours before I put on my sun protection.

It was almost noon by the time we made it to the beach and I was ready. I put on my tiny bikini and set out to the beach.

About an hour after being out there, I started to get a tingle in my face. I went inside and looked in the mirror and realized that I had started burn.

Swimming in the ocean reflects the UV rays right on you and I was at that time not aware of that fact.

Later that night, I turned as red as a Lobster and was in major pain! I cried and cried.

My husband rubbed creams and aloe on my skin but the misery continued. I spent three days in bed and really felt like leather the rest of the trip.

I wish I wouldn’t have waited!


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