Women Hats
Balancing Beauty with Functionality

Women hats are one of the most used and sought after accessories amongst the female community.

Whether it is a floppy hat or something out of the Victorian era, it is likely that you are also on the lookout for a good quality hat because you are planning a summer vacation where you will face a lot of sun.

However, have you ever sat down and carefully wondered about things that your hat should be able to provide you, apart from making you look pretty?

It is likely that, up until now, you have only focused on how good hats for women make you look and ignored the functional aspect entirely.

The true impact of sunshine:

Sunshine can do a lot more than just give you a little sunburn or a little sun tan. In fact, the UV rays which are a major part of sunlight can cause a variety of extremely serious diseases in humans.

As per repeated scientific research, ultraviolet rays can cause diseases like Malignant Melanoma which, in colloquial terms means skin cancer and Macular Degeneration which means loss of eyesight.

Therefore, when you are looking for women hats for yourself, you should make sure that they are sun hats and not anything generic.

Finding that balance:

Before you start thinking that, since UV women hats serve a medical purpose they would look hideous, you should know that sun hats are nothing but normal hats except that they are made up of material that is resistant to ultraviolet rays.

There are extremely stylish, fashionable and even designer sun hats available in the market. These sun hats would not make you compromise on your fashion principles, while keeping you healthy and safe from the sun.

Differentiating sun hats from normal ones:

As sun hats may look similar to normal hats, you would have to pay attention to their specifics before you buy them. A sun hat would carry a UPF or a SPF rating while normal hats would fail to give you this.

SPF and UPF are interchangeable terms that mean Sun Protection Factor and UV Protection Factor, respectively. During your purchase process, you would also notice that there are different ratings for different sun hats.

The best rating that you can find on a sun hat is 50+ which means that the sun hat would be able to block off a whopping 98 percent of the ultraviolet rays falling on you.

Purchasing sun hats:

Purchasing sun hats is not that difficult a process because you can do it online. Online stores offer a diverse range of sun hats which vary on the basis of designs, shapes, colors and even features.

One thing that you should never overlook while purchasing women hats is its brim. A good sun hat would have a wide brim which would keep ultraviolet rays from your face and eyes.

Furthermore, if you do not want your hair to get matted because of sweat that you generate while wearing the hat, then you should look for hats that can breathe.

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