Womens Sun Hats
Combine Fashion with Function

Womens sun hats combine fashion with function to offer optimum sun protection in a chic way.

With new and disturbing facts about the harmful effects of the sun's rays popping up with each passing day, hats have become the best form of defense against dangerous UV rays of the sun.

However, no woman will ever want to be seen alive or even dead under a dowdy hat.

What do doctors recommend?

While the sun provides healthy doses of vitamin D through the skin, exposure to continuous rays of the sun can also lead to a dark tan along with several skin problems that could sometimes lead to cancer too.

Doctors around the globe too recommend all people, especially women that have delicate skin to cover their heads, faces and necks when they are exposed to the stinging rays of the sun.

Women can simply pick up various types of womens sun hats to ensure that their skin gets the best in UV protection.

In addition, winter too brings its own problems and women need adequate protection to ensure that they remain cozy and warm, but again, in style.

Choose from a diverse array of hats for maximum UV protection

Women can certainly choose from a wide range of hats as compared to men. Depending on the weather that will be experienced by those hats, a woman can choose a beret, cloche, skull cap, fedora, trilby, visor hat, rain hat, narrow, medium or wide-brimmed hats, and many, many, more.

In addition there are innumerable fabrics such as cotton, nylon, wool, hemp, raffia, fur, tweed, lace, lycra, leather, polyester, etc that are used to create incalculable designs, patterns and finishes that are sure to tempt women of all ages all over the globe.

However, women should make sure that they choose breathable material that can also repel rain so as to remain safe in the sun and during a sudden downpour too.

They should also choose a wide-brimmed hat if they move around in a harsh and sunny climate so as to get maximum UV protection.

Sun hats are accessories but also essentials

Women should also ensure that the material used for the hats have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF rating of 50+ since this will translate to 98% blockage of all harmful UVA and UVB rays that might beat down on their skin.

While women treat womens sun hats more as accessories than essentials for protecting them from the sun, they should ensure that their hats meet stringent requirements to keep them safe even as those hats evoke feelings of passion from men and feelings of envy from other women.

While sunscreen lotions and Sunglasses do help in keeping skin safe from the sun, well-designed and wide-brimmed womens sun hats can offer much needed protection to the head, face, and neck of women even as they enjoy a lazy walk, or a game of golf, or a walk down the red carpet, or engage in gardening or simply go shopping throughout the city during the day.

With cases of Skin Cancer rising with each passing year, doctors have recommended adequate skin protection to avoid people getting over-exposed to the sun.

Women that want or have to be outdoors need instant protection that can be provided with a simple flip of a well-designed hat that stops most of the harmful UV rays in its tracks.

Women do require womens sun hats that combine fashion with function so that they can happily wear them whenever they step out of their homes.

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