A Womens Sun Hat Helps You Beat Back the Sun in Style

You should wear a womens sun hat if you are a woman that wants to remain protected from the stinging sun without sacrificing your style quotient.

These hats will help you beat back the sun in style. A hat can make a style statement as well as protect your delicate skin from deadly UV rays at the same time.

Choose a womens sun hat that merges with your personality

While men prefer shades of beige or very subtle colors such as grey or black for their hats, women love to buy hats in different colors including white, pink, green, beige, brown, etc and also love various designs and printed or embossed patterns on their hats.

If you too love colorful hats then you can surely choose a womens sun hat that merges well with your personality and also enhances it while you walk confidently on the street, beach, park, mountain path, golf course, or simply potter around in your garden.

However, instead of simply falling for an attractive hat that throws out inviting looks without offering adequate UV protection, you should pause before you pay with your money and your health.

Doctors have realized the harmful effects of UV rays emitted by the sun and you should ensure that any hat you choose is certified to stop at least 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

This would be indicated as a UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating that should be mentioned as 50+ on any womens sun hat that you desire.

These are also sold as Physicians Endorsed Hats or Doctors Endorsed Hats in regular as well as online hat stores.

These hats not only look trendy but also provide optimum sun protection to your head, neck, and face, provided you choose the wide-brimmed ones.

What should you look for in a sun hat?

In addition to choosing between plain or printed hats, you will also need to choose between various hat materials such as cotton, wool, hemp, nylon, polyester, raffia, leather, tweed, etc.

You should make sure that the material is breathable and also coated with special materials to make it water resistant as well.

You should also choose the widest possible brim and also go in for a stylish veil or drape at the back so that your complete head receives the best possible protection from the sun.

While a lighter color would be better on the outside of the hat to reflect back the sun's UV rays, a darker color under the brim will help to reduce UV reflection.

You should also make sure that your hat has adequate ventilation and sweat absorption features so that your head remains cool even as you look hot.

All these factors will help you end up with better sun protection without sacrificing on the fashion aspect of your dream hats since owning a single hat is normally considered sacrilege for women around the globe.

While a hat might seem simply like an accessory, it is also a vital skin and life saver as an increasing number of Skin Cancer cases are being reported all around the globe.

While you should certainly look at the fashion quotient of your dream hat when choosing a womens sun hat , you should also make sure that every hat that you choose also protects your skin in the best possible manner so that you can step out of your home with a smile on your face and peace in your mind.

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