Working on the Beach

by Blaj Gabriel

© Gabriel Blaj

© Gabriel Blaj

I thought of taking your work home is a "privilege" of managers or people who drive.

A project, a company, a department. I imagined that I will not get myself in a position to take my work home.

So of course, it happened exactly when I was about to go on vacation at the beach.

This was not what I wanted or had planned!

First day on my vacation, I compromised by using my wireless laptop while enjoying a good time under the sun.

I basically tried to combine business with pleasure!

A big mistake....I had concentrated so much on my work that I forgot about sun protection on my skin.

After 6 hours in the sun the result was a bad sunburn, red skin, irritated and a big headache.

I even had burnt skin on my feet, hands and face. So I sat with yogurt on my body and with cold compresses on my head all night long.

That was how I finished my vacation. I couldn't work anymore for a few days.

So never repeat my mistake if you do not like sunburn pain.

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