Wrap Around Sunglasses for Even More Protection

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

The wrap around sunglasses cover more of your eye area and therefore can give you more uv protection if they are made right.

The lenses conform to the face more than regular sunglasses and the lenses go past your eyes. These give a nice sporty look fashion wise.

What is the Best UV Rating?

The best UV rating for you wrap around sunglasses is 99% to 100%. This means you will get the most sun protection for your eyes this way. You should see the rating on the glasses or do not get them.

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Sunny Days

While being outside for you can have health benefits you have to be careful. Make sure to put those new sunglasses on to protect those beautiful blue eyes of yours. Keep the sun from damaging them. Serious eye problems are no fun.

Tanning Beds

You need to not only protect your eyes from the sun but also from the tanning beds. These beds give off UV rays too. This and sun exposure can damage any of the delicate parts of your eyes.

Over a period of time this damage could turn to cancer, cataracts or other eye problems. You can also get Skin Cancer around the eye area.


Genetics can cause you to be at risk in some cases to eye diseases especially cancer. If the disease is already in the family you need to be even more careful about protecting the health of your body and eyes.

So slather on the organic sunscreen and wear your wrap around sunglasses to shield your body and your eyes when you are going to come in contact with uv rays. At least try to keep the problems away that ultraviolet rays cause.

Did You Have Childhood Sun Exposure?

Were you like me and had sun exposure as a child. Did you live in the sun in the summer around the pool or go to the beach a lot?

You could already have some damage to your eyes in some way or another. You can keep the damage for getting worse though simply by wearing UV rated sunglasses.

Is Darker Better?

You might be like some people and think it is better to wear darker sunglasses to give you full protection. This is not so though.

The tint has nothing whatsoever to do with the UV rating that the sunglasses have. The lenses are processed with chemicals to give them their ability to absorb the uv rays up to 100%.

You want glasses to be rated at least 99% to get enough sun protection. So wear what color of lenses you feel comfortable in.

It is hard to take care of our bodies and eyes the way they should be taken care of. We like to do so many things that are not good for them.

However, start today if you have not already and wear your wrap around sunglasses to protect your eyes, throw in some sunscreen to protect your skin too.

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