Your Sun Protection Methods Which You Use Against the Sun and Ultraviolet Radiation

by Paul
(Woonsocket, RI)

When I was young we often would go out without Sunscreen. Having very sensitive skin I often got a sunburn. Over about a 1 week period I would blister and peel. During that phase my mother would have me wear a shirt to protect me from the sun.

In the summer it was important to have a tan. To do this we would often use sun tanning lotion that did have some SPF protection. These came from companies like Bain de Soleil and Coppertone.

As I grew older the terminology transitioned from tanning lotion to Sunscreen, the higher the number the more protection. If I got a burn I learned to use Aloe Vera which was quite helpful in easing the pain of the sunburn and to begin the healing process.

Now I do many things to avoid the direct Sun but the primary thing I do is use a UVA and UVB sun screen of SPF-55. I wear a hat when I play golf or am out doors. I also wear long pants to keep the sun off my legs.

All of these things help but I wonder why it seems to be a more pronounced issue now than when we were young.

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