3M Window Tint
Benefits for Your Health

The application of 3M window tint to the windows of your home serves many functions.

Thus, whatever time, effort and money spent on the covering your home's windows with the 3M tint will be far outweighed by its benefits, of which there are many. Your house will definitely be cooler for it in more ways than one.

Of course, the assumption is that the 3M window tint will be applied in the proper manner. Although you can undertake it as a do-it-yourself project, you should call in the professionals to provide assistance during installation as well as to give maintenance tips.

With that said, here then are the main benefits for the application of the 3M tint on windows.

Protection against the Sun

Most people think that sun protection is unnecessary inside the house since maximum shade is available.

Such thinking has led many people toward risky behaviors that would otherwise be avoided in an outdoor setting - no sunscreen, no sun block and no clothing with ultraviolet protection, for example.

But as long as the sun and its rays can penetrate through glass windows and doors, the risks for harmful ultraviolet exposure remains.

When the sun streams through the glass windows and into your skin, you are still at risk for the many types of Skin Cancer. No, not even the curtains can lessen the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays on your skin.

The good news is that the application of the 3M window tint on the glass windows and even doors significantly lessens the amount of harmful ultraviolet rays that enters the room.

Just how significant, you may ask? Studies have pointed to 90-99 percent reduction!

With this lessened exposure to the sun's rays inside the house, you have more reason not to apply sunscreen and other ultraviolet protection products on your skin. And yes, even in winter, the sun's rays can still do their damage so the tint is still important.

Protection against the Glare

Studies have discovered an increased risk for Macular Degeneration in people who are unprotected from the sun's glare and, thus, from its ultraviolet rays for lengthy periods of time.

Thus, your doctor will advise always wearing sunglasses with sufficient UV protection at all times, be it in summer or in winter.

But you don't wear sunglasses inside the house, do you?

In this case, the application of the 3M tint on the glass windows and doors will act as your indoor sunglasses.

Not only will your eyes be protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays but you can also considerably lessen its glare.

You will then be able to work, play and sleep during the day without the inconvenience of the sun's glare coming into your eyes.

There are other benefits to tinting your windows, said benefits of which include increased energy savings, improved safety from glass breakage and added privacy.

Still, these benefits are secondary to the above mentioned health benefits that the 3M window tint brings into your life.

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