Alternatives to Traditional Sunscreen

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

Due to the fact that most sunscreens are full of nasty chemicals, I prefer to not use them when at all possible.

I choose instead to go out when the sun is at its weakest (early morning and early evening).

By avoiding the sun's strongest rays, the need for the use of sunscreen is virtually eliminated.

Another way I do this is to sit in the shade of a tree, sun shade, or Sun Protection Umbrella.

These items typically have at least a 15 SPF and thus you can sit out during high sun ray times and still be safe.

When you are in situations where you can not avoid the harmful UV rays of the sun, wearing white sun protective clothing that covers most of your body and a sun protection hat is a good alternative.

If this is not possible, I suggest looking into organic Sunscreen and all natural biodegradable sunscreen at your local health food store.

They do exist but be prepared to pay well for them. Not covering yourself in chemicals is worth any price.

Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Best Sunscreen

Sunscreen Wipes

sun protection clothing

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