UV Protection Sunglasses
Why to Wear Them

Sun Protection is a fact of life™

Good uv protection sunglasses safeguards your eyes against damage from the sun. The sun's rays cannot only damage your vision but cause eye diseases to happen too.

You need to wear your sunglasses whenever you are outside just like you need to wear sunscreen on your skin.

I remember as a child when solar eclipses happened, all the adults told us not to look directly at them because the sun would hurt our eyes.

It took years for me to fully understand this though. Now it is easy to see by all the research of the harmful UV rays, why the adults said this back then.

As you get older your vision naturally changes anyway, but you can encourage serious problems by not protecting your eyes well enough throughout your life.

uv protection sunglasses

Wearing uv protection sunglasses at least keeps the UV damage from occurring to your eyes and making your vision and the health of your eyes even worse than it needs to be.

The ultraviolet rays are Skin Cancer causers. Even though you need a bit of sun per day in order to avoid Vitamin D Deficiency in your body, you still need to shield your eyes while you get it.

This is only 10 to 20 minutes tops a day though with your skin unprotected, but your eyes do not need the exposure for this to happen. There are so many parts to your eyes that can suffer from not being shielded from the dangers that the uv rays can bring.

All parts of the eyes from the iris to the retina can suffer damage and even wind up with cancer from not being protected. This is why you need to wear uv protection sunglasses whenever you are working, traveling or playing in the great outdoors.

Whether you are camping in the summer, on a tour in the Greek isles or skiing in Aspen in the winter the uv rays are out and ready to do their damage.

That is right, even in the cold weather months you can be exposed to UV damage.

Do you think on cloudy days that no uv rays are around?

Well you are wrong, they are. You can keep a lighter shade of glasses that still offer you sun protection for those days. It would be a bit harder to see with the darker shades.

Now on the question which is better dark or light lenses for protection let's look at the facts a bit closer.

The protection is not given to you through the sunglass lenses being dark or light in color. The lenses are treated with specific chemicals to help them absorb the maximum of uv rays.

You need to look for a label on the glasses that says the glasses absorb 99 to 100 percent of these rays.

You can now understand why you need to wear your sunglasses year round. Many styles can be found in these glasses to suit every occasion. Whether sports are being played or a fancy get together is being attended, there are uv protection sunglasses made to protect the occasion and the event.

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