Bathing Suit Mishap on Vacation

by Jennifer
(Comstock Park, MI, USA)

I am an only child, so every summer when my family planned to go on vacation my Mom and Dad allowed me to invite one of my cousins to come along with us.

This particular summer we were on our way to Florida, and I invited my female cousin who is just one year younger than I. I believe we were 13 and 14 at the time.

Once we arrived we decided to dive right into the hotel pool as it was so very hot there for us considering we had just driven from Michigan.

After getting in the pool, my cousin who happens to be very well endowed up top and was wearing a bikini started picking on a boy who must have been just a few years younger than us.

She kept taking his toy boat he was playing with and sinking it, hiding it in places around the pool and etc.

When the boy started fighting back however is when it really all began! He began teasing her back, snapping her swimming suit top, hiding her pager, brush, comb etc.

My cousin decided to take his toy and dive deep in the pool, fill it with water and leave it there so the poor kid couldn't have his toy without diving down deep to retrieve it.

So down she went into the deep end of the pool, filled the toy with water and left it there. As she came back up though, my Mom, Dad, and I stood in shock as the little boy was pointing and giggling at my cousin.

Her already stretched too thin bathing suit top was now floating next to her well endowed upper chest!

My poor Dad was horrified and couldn't believe that her girls bathing suits could do this!

My cousin however she didn't seem to care, she grabbed it, put it back on and went right back to teasing the poor boy with the boat.

This funny story about my cousin and her girls bathing suit is one that keeps getting brought up and passed around at family functions even though it has been 15 plus years now!

Girls Bathing Suits

Girls Bathing Suits

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