Car Window Tinting Experience

by Sherly
(Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

My family's car used to be free of solar film of any kind. Every time we drive out under the sun, the car interior get so hot because of no protection at all from the sun rays.

It was a big hassle for the kids to keep holding up thin blankets to cover themselves from the hot sun rays.

Finally, we decided to get auto window tint to help reduce or filter the amount of sun rays getting into the car especially for the back window, and the side windows (2 in the back and 2 at front).

We also opted to get a car window film in the shape of long bar for the very top of the front window to help reduce the sun rays from hitting our eyes (driver and front passenger).

We went to a special shop which installs film for this very purpose. We picked a dark purple color with 80% darkness level for our car. It took the workers about 2 hours before they finished installing the uv window film for the areas we chose.

They begin with cleaning up our windows from debris, dirt, stickers, or anything else that can prevent the film from sticking smoothly.

Then, after the cleaning, they dried up the windows with clean cloths. After that, they begin by spraying some type of liquid (not sure what it was, perhaps water) to the windows in small amount. Some of the workers already measured
each window with pre cut window tint sheet accordingly.

As soon as they were done spraying the windows with the liquid, they begin sticking the film pieces (already cut to fit the size of each window) to the window glass.

Immediately afterward, they run a stick with rubber edge to smooth out any bubbles, liquid left and the film to make sure it turns out nice.

They keep smoothing the film with the rubber edged stick until all the liquid being press out from under the film. They also check to make sure that no bubbles left under the uv protection window film.

Then, the workers immediately dried off the edges of the window by wiping any liquid waste that was press out by the stick.

We were told to wait for at least half an hour to make sure that the film sticking properly before using the windows. After half an hour, we finally get to use our car again and went home.

Since then, our car has been fairly cool even if we parked it under the sun. Usually, the temperature went up very fast inside the car. But, the car window tint really helps in reducing the hot sun rays as well as the UV rays from entering the car.

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