Fake Tans
Merits and Demerits to Consider

Nowadays, fake tans are becoming popular even amongst the celebrities in Hollywood. This is not surprising as an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the dangers of prolonged exposure to the sun just to get a golden brown tan.

We can mention skin cancer as the worst of these effects although sunburns and sunstroke should not be easily dismissed.

Being tanned from baking in the sun is not considered a healthy practice anymore and you would do well to follow the lead of others. Go for fake tans and enjoy their benefits!

What are the Merits to Self-Tanning Products?

A fake one can be had from self-tanning products ranging from lotions and creams to sprays.

You can purchase these safe products from online sites at affordable prices, which definitely beats having to seek expensive medical treatment for skin cancer caused by sun tanning activities.

Of course, your main motivation for patronizing these self-tanning products is to lessen your risks for skin cancer, sunburn and sun stroke.

These skin disorders should never be taken lightly as the complications can be fatal, thus, causing a lifetime of grief for a few hours of baking in the sun.

Take the case of sunburns, which are very painful and are not about to go away with a simple wipe off the skin.

In contrast, a sprayed tan can be washed and wiped off easily. And if you have skin cancer, it can spread to other areas of the body further endangering your health.

Your fashion sense will also love the other benefits of fake tans. Since you have full control over the product's application in terms of coverage and color, you can decide on where to apply and how much to apply on the skin.

You can go for either a darker or lighter shade of it, depending on your outfit, the occasion and other fashion concerns.

For example, you may opt for a darker tan when your outfit is in nude beige so that your skin does not wash out in pictures.

Plus, you need not wait for the sun to come out or for the tanning salon to open just to have the golden shade of tan you desire.

Just apply the self-tanning product in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom and you are set to go.

What are the Demerits to Self-Tanning Products?

Naturally, there are disadvantages to applying self-tanning products for a fake-tan.

But when you consider the benefits of lesser exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays and, thus, lesser risks for skin cancer, you can definitely live with these demerits.

For one thing, a fake tan will not last for a long time with many products just a few days at most. Still, this is an advantage as you can always redo your fake tan until you have done it in just the right color.

For another thing, a weird look from the streaks, patches and uneven application can result from a fake tan.

In time, fortunately, you can master how to apply self-tanning products so that you don't look like Snookie or Valentino with their too-brown and too-orange tans-in-a- bottle.

All things considered, you will want fake tans on your skin than the sun's ultraviolet rays ruining it. The trick is in expert application of the self-tanning products but that's for another article.

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