Fit Over Sunglasses

by Nelson

What a blessing these sunglasses are for people like me who can not stand the sun in our eyes but wear prescription glasses when driving or walking or even reading out of doors.

For years I've tried clip-ons (which are hard to fit) and prescription sunglasses which are easy to lose and don't have my bifocal prescription.

Fit over Sunglasses solve all these problems. They fit easily and comfortably on top of my regular glasses.

The allow me to wear my bifocal reading prescription without having to buy prescription sunglasses. And perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that they look great.

They have a wrap around style which keeps the sun out of my eyes and a size that complements my face.

I knew that they must look good when my daughter (who does not wear prescription glasses) borrowed my fit over glasses and started wearing them around her friends. I may have to buy a second pair!

There is also a wide variety of shape and size selection. That means you can get the right fit no matter what the size of your underlying glasses. And you can get darker or lighter sunglasses, or even mirrors style.

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