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If you wear glasses, you may consider investing in perscription sunglasses, that way you have your regular glasses for indoors and a special prescription pair to protect your eyes when outdoors. This is useful for those that do not wish to wear clip on sunglasses or the fit over sunglasses options.

Do These Sunglasses Provide Protection from the Sun?

The perscription sunglasses are made with UV protection but when purchasing them it is important to ensure they have 100 UV protection. This is normally the case, but double check when you purchase your new glasses.

These prescription glasses have not been on the market for that many years, but many people prefer them because they provide a good amount of protection from the sun's glare when they are outdoors.

perscription sunglasses

Are they Expensive?

Many eyewear stores, such as discount often offer a buy 1 get 1 free option, meaning you purchase your normal pair of sunglasses and then can have another pair of prescriptions with the sunglass tint applied. Other stores offer a deep discount on the other pair of glasses, which helps greatly since you will need the two in order to protect your eyes.

Aren't these the Same as the Ones that Change Gradually?

The perscription sunglasses do not change colors as the photochromic lenses because these are not quite perfected enough to remain dark while you are in your car. Many times the vehicle is where you need the most protection.

In addition, sunglasses with the prescription built-in, always remain sunglasses, they never change colors based on the lighting around the wearer. The important thing to remember when selecting these types of sunglasses is that the tint that is applied includes 100 percent UV ray protection.

What types of Materials are Sunglasses Made to Prescription Specifications Available in?

Prescription lenses with the sunglass tint applied are normally made of glass or plastic. It often is a personal preference for the individual, since those that want a lighter feel often choose plastic, but many choose glass lenses because they are sometimes more durable.

What About Scratches?

Regardless of the lens, plastic or glass, they can become scratched even with anti-scratch coating applied. The anti-scratch coating helps, but ultimately, you must take precautions to protect your classes from scratching. These include not placing the lenses face down on any surface. Instead, place them so that the frames are touching the surface rather than the lens.

What About Special Cleaning Solutions?

Any kind of sunglasses or prescription glasses must be cleaned regularly in order to prevent smudges and fingerprints and reduce scratches. They have special cleaners for lenses and special clothes designed to clean the lenses without the need for any solution. Never use a rough cloth or paper to clean your lens because this can cause scratches.

Final Thoughts

When investing in perscription sunglasses , the most important aspect is they include 100 percent UV ray protection. Looks are secondary, but there are many companies that produce very stylish sunglasses.

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