How to Tint Windows
For Beginners Only

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Knowing how to tint windows offers you the chance to make a big business out of it and can save you money if you do the job on your own. But you have to master the craft by doing a lot of practice before you can master the application technique.

How to Start

How to tint windows videos are available online and from tinting manufacturing companies. These videos show an easy step-by-step demo and are ideal for beginners.

Unless you are hired by a window tinting company and trained extensively, you cannot learn the tricks of the trade but you can learn through your own initiative and creativity.

Acquiring the skill of residential window tinting and car window tint also includes mastering the removal of tints from home and car windows because most customers have their window tints changed for a sleeker look or for home redecorating reasons.

All told, you must also learn the legal applications on car tinting especially in your state.

how to tint windows

Get a Video

Videos demonstrating car and home window tinting are available in automotive shops and can be accessed in YouTube. Get different versions because each video will have a special trick, which you can not find in some demo tapes.

Get the Right Tools

How to tint window tips make it clear that work is efficient when you use the right tools such as cleaning tools, squeegee, cutters, and low lint cloth.


To get the feel of the task, do practice on windows of old cars and your kitchen window. In both cases, you have to clean the windows using an alcohol cleaning solution and make sure there is not a speck of stubborn dirt clinging to the windows.

* First Step: After wiping the window area dry, apply the application solution of baby shampoo and water. Measure the area for tinting but add two inches to the tint/film when cutting it with a super sharp razor.

* Second Step: Place the tint across the clean window area without removing the adhesive strip yet.

* Third Step: Spray the inside glass windows and soak the tint with the same soapy water (15 drops gentle shampoo in a pint of water), keep on spraying until the tint is snugly plastered against the window. Then remove the plastic covering to begin applying the window tint until the entire area is covered and tinted.

Remove all traces of water with a squeegee. You will notice air bubbles around the edges but hover the heat gun over the bubbles about 6 inches to avoid burning the tint and in a waving motion to distribute the heat equally.

* Fourth Step: When the tint is snugly held against the window, cut the tint in the shape of your car or home window but leave an extra 1.5 or 2 inches at the bottom for tucking under the window area. If there are bubbles, use the heat gun again and squeegee the water. If you liked your first try, it will be easier to learn the routine by heart but as you go along, you will meet new problems and learn new tricks.

How to tint windows for cars and homes is not difficult. Practice will perfect your craft and very soon, you will be your own boss.

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