I Thought that I was going to Die Every Day

by Helen
(Seattle, WA, USA)

I live in the Pacific Northwest and have lived here since childhood. About July 2009 I started having chest pains that were pretty constant.

I would visit the ER almost every night because I was sure something was going to happen to me.

I developed high blood pressure that sometimes went to 200/110 causing yet another ER visit. I had headaches every day, my body would lock up so bad I couldn't walk.

I felt pins and needles throughout my body. I switched doctors 3 times, saw two cardio docs, and had pain meds, anxiety meds and every other med.

I have had more scans than I can name. My monthly cycle hurt a lot and I hated being close with my husband because it was so painful. My bones were a tad deformed and I was tired all day.

Finally I went to see a neurologist who decided to treat me as if I had MS...Yes finally an answer to my prayers.

She ordered every blood lab known to man and a MRI of my brain. She found out that my Vitamin D was less than 7.

She said my body had been going nuts because of it. I also had a small lesion on my brain that could possibly be leading up to MS because of my lack of vitamin D.

I am currently taking 50IU a week and will go back in three months to have my levels checked.

Did I mention my fingers went numb all the time? By the way... I am only 29. I started freaking out at 27.

Good luck to all of you.

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